No Unnecessary Middlemen

You’ll never find us at retailers because they double—sometimes triple—the price of products. By selling direct to you, we can offer high-end, high-integrity natural products, at drugstore prices.

No Unnecessary Time

We think going to a drugstore every time you run out or choosing from thousands of similar products is a waste of your precious time.

No Unnecessary Choice

You don’t need 100 shampoos, you just need one that works. We keep the selection edited, offering only the best in class product in each category from our bar soap made in Tennessee to our toothpaste from Utah. You get the best products that work without the clutter.

No Unnecessary Packaging

One third of all waste is packaging. What’s worse is that it adds cost to a product, which means you’re actually paying more for companies to harm the planet. We use as little packaging as possible, which cuts cost and keeps the planet cleaner. Win, win, and win.

No Unnecessary Ingredients

We use the finest natural ingredients that do what the product is supposed to do. We don’t add cheap fillers or nasty fragrances that contain harmful chemicals.